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Packers, Saints

Yeah, I know the Packers are playing well. They’re 5-2, 4 game win streak, but I don’t think they can pull this off. I mean if they play how they have they could, But I think it’s gonna be one of those times where we get such high hopes. Then we just get knocked right … Continue reading

Packers vs Panthers recap

Wait wait wait…you mean we can have defense AND offense? Green Bay, looking pretty good out there. Not many fantasy points from Lacy, but they didn’t really need him to play big. You don’t really know what to expect from the Packers. One week they’re slow and not playing the best, but then the next … Continue reading

Close games

Oh how it must feel to have a win in the palm of your hand, and then at the last second have it snatched away. By some one like Rodgers and company. How heartbreaking. Or if you want to talk about the other side, the team that won, It’s crazy. With only seconds left, all … Continue reading


What I don’t like about the NFL is this, I don’t like the bandwagon “fans”.  The ones where they are the biggest fans when the team/player is doing well, but when they are in a slump they are the biggest haters. Now are you REALLY a die hard Seahawks fan? Or are you gonna like … Continue reading

Lacy trucks defender:


Packers, Vikings recap

The good: Both defenses, Eddie Lacy, Packers offense, Jordy Nelson The bad: How the Packers finished, don’t go soft. The ugly: Christian Ponder

Packers VS Vikings October 2nd

Tonight! All of Wisconsin is ready. Packers are 1-1 in their division. No Adrian Peterson, but the Vikings still have some talent in the back field. Even though these young ‘backs are emerging, could the vikings force the run? I mean I know the Packers have trouble with tackling, but AJ Hawk made some pretty admirable tackles. And … Continue reading


Hey, my name is Dalton, and somehow you’ve stumbled across my blog. Hopefully you like football, because that’s all I’m writing about. I’m in high school, but don’t think any less of me or my opinions because of that. This blog is for a school project, and because I love football. I’m a friendly person, … Continue reading

Scouting CombineFebruary 17th, 2015

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