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Packers VS Vikings October 2nd

Tonight! All of Wisconsin is ready. Packers are 1-1 in their division.

No Adrian Peterson, but the Vikings still have some talent in the back field. Even though these young ‘backs are emerging, could the vikings force the run? I mean I know the Packers have trouble with tackling, but AJ Hawk made some pretty admirable tackles. And I see the Vikings trying to take pressure off of rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, if he starts of course.

What do the Packers need to do to pull this thing off you may ask. Well they need to run block, It’s not Lacy it’s that front five. He’s running into a wall and still gaining positive yards! The run game opens up the passing game and vise versa. Any team is always gonna be aware of Aaron Rodgers but it makes it a whole lot easier when you can go out and expect a pass every down, and that’s why they may be “forcing the run”.

Another thing the Packers need to do is if Teddy plays they need to be aware of him getting mobile, they’ve had trouble stopping mobile quarterbacks.

BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ! Make this rookie make some uncomfortable passes, he’s been good making decisions so far, but every rookie has a weak point.

Vikings are bringing a lot of speed to the table. Don’t let these guys get away from you, because that’s an automatic six right there.

Packers easily have the talent to pull this thing off but if the blocking, play calling and tacking isn’t there this could turn ugly.



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