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Just how good are the Packers?

Well let’s first evaluate the team. Okay, the Packers obviously have a great Quarterback, great talent at running back, surprisingly good pass blocking, not so good run blocking. But who needs a good run blocking team when you have a speedy 230 pound beast as your running back. And they also have young semi-promising tight ends, two great wide outs, and young depth at wide out. So, that’s a great offense. What about defense? Good D-line, including Mike Daniels,  and Letroy Guion. And those linebackers? excellent, Maybe a better middle linebacker and we’re golden. Good defensive backs, and a lot of depth.  Dom Capers not looking as bad as past years, still not too consistent, but improving through out the year.

We beat the Pats, Eagles, and Dolphins. Those are pretty good teams. I’m not going to say anything crazy, but I think the Green Bay Packers are one of the top 3 teams on the league.



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