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Where’s the magnet gloves when you need ’em

I guess I kinda didn’t think anything of the Bills team. I just thought they were a regular, easy to beat team. But they obviously proved me wrong.

The Packer deserved to lose, terrible performance on offense. The defense played decent, but they could have played better with the offense they were going against.

Drops absolutely killed the Packers confidence and mind set early, they just couldn’t get into a rhythm.  It seems as though right when you think “Wow, we could have a chance this year” something happens. I mean, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it to the…you know, we still have a good shot.

What we have to do as Packers fans is this, just don’t talk about it. Don’t talk about the big games, and don’t talk about the REALLY big game. It was one game, have confidence in our team.



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