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Packers 26, Cowboys 21

Great win by a one legged Rodgers and crew, and a great effort from DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys. The Packers didn’t look as great as they could have against the Cowboys, but obviously me and the Packer nation are more than happy about it.

It was an all out running battle in the beginning. Power versus power. If only it would have been colder, but if it was maybe Aaron would have injured that calf even more, so we should be thankful he didn’t. I say I wish it would’ve been colder because, well, who wants to tackle Eddie Lacy in -40 wind chill.

Aaron looked scared in the pocket, and he held onto the ball for far too long. I guess losing the mobility that you’re used to would scare someone. No escape plan what so ever, except the dumb off pass to Lacy, but he didn’t want to do that.

Good game overall. Next up Seattle.



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