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This one won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But here’s a list of things I think the Packers could do to improve their chance of winning.

1. Challenge Richard Sherman. Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to throw to his side in the season opener and honestly he shouldn’t be that afraid, he’s a top QB and he has great WRs. Take a chance.

2. Snap, scramble, dump. If Rodgers would just throw a quick pass to Lacy when he gets in trouble it would probably do some good, instead of standing in the pocket for 20 seconds and trying to scramble with one leg.

3. Lock down Russell Wilson. The Pack has had trouble stopping mobile QBs, and I’m sure Seattle will try and take advantage of that.

4. INVOLVE KUHN. He’s a great player and they just aren’t using him like they could! Whether is running, passing, or blocking they need to involve him.

5. Bring our good defense. It seems as though we don’t know what to think of the Packers defense. It’s either good or bad, when you expect good it’s bad and vise versa.

Thing the Packer could do to lose:

1. No tackling Marshawn Lynch. He’s a big strong man, we need to tackle him with our front 7, if he gets past that it’s lights out

2.  Let Aaron Rodgers get pressure. He’s on one leg, he can’t do one of his biggest skills. And that’s getting out of the pocket and making a completion.

3. Play without confidence. Obviously the Packers didn’t have confidence in the opener. Going against the Super Bowl champs, in the loudest stadium, and the first game of their season isn’t too promising.

I hate to be generic but R-E-L-A-X



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