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Crushing defeat

I’m a real fan. Not just some kid on the internet thats team didn’t make it to the playoffs so it follows the Packers. No matter what I’ll stand by the team, and the players. We played a great season, and we had a great game early. In my honest opinion we beat the Seahawks, we out played them. They slopped their way to the win. I’m proud of my Packers. I’m happy that Peppers got to play for us, he had a fantastic season. I just wish we could have gotten him a ring. But if he plays more seasons, I’d hope there would be many more chances.

I feel bad for Brandon Bostick. That wasn’t his job. I’d like to see all the people bad talking him go and make that catch, especially in that situation.

I guess you could call the ending to the Seahawks Packers game disgusting. That’s the word I’d use.

Thanks to my followers, and other people reading this blog. I might continue to post as more Packer/NFL news come along.



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