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Mike McCarthy

Keep him. I understand all these fans saying they want him gone. Because they need an excuse. They need something to prove why that last game ended how it did. If that makes sense haha. I don’t think we would be able to find much better than McCarthy, I really don’t. He brought us to … Continue reading

What now?

Build, train, keep players. The Green Bay Packers are only a couple players away from a solid team. We should address some needs. In my opinion the Packers need: 1. A solid, balanced middle linebacker. We need someone that can do a lot, I know we have Clay Matthews but we still need someone we … Continue reading

Crushing defeat

I’m a real fan. Not just some kid on the internet thats team didn’t make it to the playoffs so it follows the Packers. No matter what I’ll stand by the team, and the players. We played a great season, and we had a great game early. In my honest opinion we beat the Seahawks, … Continue reading

Packers, Seahawks

This one won’t be easy, that’s for sure. But here’s a list of things I think the Packers could do to improve their chance of winning. 1. Challenge Richard Sherman. Aaron Rodgers didn’t want to throw to his side in the season opener and honestly he shouldn’t be that afraid, he’s a top QB and … Continue reading

Packers 26, Cowboys 21

Great win by a one legged Rodgers and crew, and a great effort from DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys. The Packers didn’t look as great as they could have against the Cowboys, but obviously me and the Packer nation are more than happy about it. It was an all out running battle in the beginning. … Continue reading

Packers, Lions

This one is for the division. Probably the most exciting way to go into the playoffs. I think this will be an exciting, and close game, the Packers will fight hard in green bay. Hopefully the whole team comes to play. It seems as though the Packers can’t have both an offense and a defense … Continue reading

Where’s the magnet gloves when you need ’em

I guess I kinda didn’t think anything of the Bills team. I just thought they were a regular, easy to beat team. But they obviously proved me wrong. The Packer deserved to lose, terrible performance on offense. The defense played decent, but they could have played better with the offense they were going against. Drops … Continue reading

Johnny boy

Johnny Manziel is getting the start over Hoyer now. I can already see it “Johnny Manziel injured during his first official start in the NFL. Throws up money signs while being carted away”…… I’m only joking. I mean Johnny is a good college football player, but I don’t know how well he will play in … Continue reading

All aboard the Green Bay train

Two fairly-easy stops lefts for the Packers, and one challenging game at home. Build your confidence in Buffalo and Tampa Bay, and use that confidence to slay the Lions at home. “Playoffs? Don’t talk about—playoffs?! You kidding me?” No, Jim. I’m not kidding you. The Packers train could easily turn into “the Packers playoff train”

Just how good are the Packers?

Well let’s first evaluate the team. Okay, the Packers obviously have a great Quarterback, great talent at running back, surprisingly good pass blocking, not so good run blocking. But who needs a good run blocking team when you have a speedy 230 pound beast as your running back. And they also have young semi-promising tight ends, … Continue reading

Scouting CombineFebruary 17th, 2015

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